Bike Rack Wall Storage Multi Rack - 5 or 6 Bike Rack  NZ 

** new 6 bike option!! ** 

choose between 5 Bike capacity or 6 Bike capacity


Heavy-duty wall rack for all your bikes and gear The multi Bike Rack is a truly customizable wall rack to organize all your bikes and gear. Choose either the 5 bike capacity or 6 bike capacity with adjustable attachments, this rack can hold your bikes at up to 100kg! Neatly organize all your bikes right on the wall to free up space in your garage and allow easy-access for the next time you hit the trail or road!

Fully Customizable position the wheel hooks at virtually any location to fit bikes of any style and width. The 5 bike capacity track system features 45 mounting slots and the 6 bike capacity track system features 60 mounting slots. Simply slide on the attachment and insert it's pin to secure to the wall track. Hang your bikes, helmets, shoes, you name it! This rack will get all your gear off the floor and organized right on your wall! 

5 Bike Rack consists of 3 joining adjustable tracks [not shown in photos] total length 114cm, 2 wall mount brackets, and 5 wheel hooks with pins. Track system includes 45 mounting slots. 

6 Bike Rack consists of 4 joining adjustable tracks [not shown in photos] total length 152cm, 4 wall mount brackets, and 6 wheel hooks with pins. Track system includes 60 mounting slots. you also have the option of turning this rack into 2x separate 3 bike racks [each 76cm in length] - potentially a good option if:

  1. you are pushed to fit the full rack into limited space and instead prefer to split it into 2x  separate locations....or
  2. you choose to provide some extra access space in the form of an optional gap in between each of the 3x bikes

Easy to install Since the multi Bike Rack's mounting brackets are fully independent from the track, you can space the brackets as needed to fit your wall. This means you can ensure you mount the rack directly into your wall's studs for maximum strength. We recommend then adding the attachments directly inside or outside of each bracket to secure your rack and prevent sliding side-to-side. 

Built to last Each component is made from high-strength steel and aluminum to not only handle a heavy load but also withstand years of use. You can be confident this rack will serve you and your bikes for many years to come!

What bikes will it hold? The wheel hooks are each 5cm wide by 12cm deep to accommodate bikes of nearly any size. Hang your bikes by the front wheel using the rubber-coated hook to provide a gentle, secure grip on your bike's rim. With the adjustable track system, the rack can fit bikes of any style including road, mountain, hybrid, beach, and more! Each attachment can hold up to 20kg, 5 attachments for a total of 100kg or 6 attachments for a total of 120kg!

Installation Track should extend approximately 17cm beyond wall brackets. Mount one wheel hook outside of left wall bracket, and one wheel hook outside of the right wall bracket [this will eliminate any possible movement of the track during usage]


5 Bike specs 

  • 5 bike adjustable track: 114cm long, 45 slots spaced 2.5cm apart
  • wheel hook mounts: 5cm wide, 12cm deep
  • track cross section 4x4cm
  • total rack depth: 19cm out from the wall
  • total weight: 5.5kg

whats included

  • (3) wall mounted tracks
  • (2) wall mounted brackets
  • (5) wheel hook mounts
  • (5) pins to secure each attachment
  • all needed mounting hardware
  • mounting Instructions


6 Bike specs 

  • 6 bike adjustable track: 152cm long, 60 slots spaced 2.5cm apart
  • wheel hook mounts: 5cm wide, 12cm deep
  • track cross section 4x4cm
  • total rack depth: 19cm out from the wall
  • total weight: 7.2kg

whats included

  • (4) wall mounted track
  • (4) wall mounted brackets
  • (6) wheel hook mounts
  • (6) pins to secure each attachment
  • all needed mounting hardware
  • mounting Instructions


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