About Curve

We know surfing. We know the highs. We know the lows. We've scored perfection by hiking over to the next bay, stacked boards till the car roof dents, seen them bounced by baggage handlers, and slept in our boardbags to wake up to surf on our doorstep. We've been there and we've loved it and we've learned. And its made us want to make surf gear better. To discuss, develop, test, argue and design a better way. And to make stuff that makes sense and makes you think 'why didn't I think of that?

Its no secret that the world is a busy place. You're not monks. You deal with work, relationships, computers, phones, lawns, bills, family….and there are those times the conditions look sketchy and you're weighing up whether to surf or not. Calculating the effort involved and the likelihood of finding that pot of gold under huey's rainbow. Our aim is to minimise the things that might hold you back, so we designed our gear around this, to increase your mobility finding waves and better protect your gear. Ultimately we'd like to make you better prepared for going surfing, and if we can help motivate you to get out there we're plenty happy with that too.

Whether driving to the local beach or jetting to tropical paradise, Curve will get you and your gear there in the best shape possible.





Walk 50 yards down the beach. Check the next bay around. Follow the road with no sign. Turn left where you normally turn right. Paddle around the point. Traverse, walk, cycle, sail, fly. Hitch a ride. Cross borders. Cross oceans. Cross time zones. Cross the street. Listen to locals. Interpret Guide books. Guess the wind. Calculate the tide. Follow the swell. Seek, find and surf the perfect wave…
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Paige Hareb - Kelly’s pool - May 2018

Kelly’s (Slater) wave pool I knew a couple of months before the WSL Founder’s cup of surfing that I would be in the World team and heading to Lemoore to...

Paige Hareb - New and Improved - March 2018

  After a bit of time at home enjoying family, friends and my re-found love for golf I was straight back into a new year of competing with the first...
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