Surfboard Wall Racks NZ - Horizontal Modular Storage System by Nice Rack

  • Surfboard Wall Rack System allows for storage of SURFBOARDS, SNOWBOARDS, KITEBOARDS or WAKEBOARDS in your garage, or home.
  • a great way to free up floor space while at the same time providing efficient and easy to use storage for your boards, keeping them safe from dings and damage.
  • Nice Rack is the only expandable rack system on the market.
  • add extra surfboard racks to your existing Nice Rack with the simple connection method which makes it a 'snap'. Nice Racks are a patented two-piece modular design which lock together and maximize space while remaining stylish. Unlimited tier expansion means the only limit to the capacity of how many boards you store in your rack - is the height of your wall. Go up to 8 boards...... or more!
  • top and bottom wall mount end caps complete the installation and give the Nice Rack a finished look.
    • each rack is made of high quality 100% RECYCLED ABS Plastics - lightweight but also very strong.
    • each arm and wall mount is covered with 1/4 inch thick medium density foam tape protecting boards from dings and scratches.
      • the two piece system is designed to maximize strength, and is also relocatable so it can be easily moved to another wall.
      • the Nice Rack system caters for surfboards under 11.5kg in weight. Stand-up paddle boards or longboards over 9' weighing more than 11.5kg are not recommended.
      • Made in USA
      • ships FREE from New Zealand



      watch the 2 minute demo video


      So what's the best way to store your surfboard? The Nice Rack Modular Rack was developed to adapt to the amount of surfboards needing storage as you surf more waves and the number of surfboards in your quiver grows. The Nice Rack concept is simple - provide quality surfboard wall racks which are affordable, easy to install, and can be easily expanded by snapping together - so no matter how many surfboards you have - you can easily grow your racks to keep up with your surfboard collection. 

      While it sounds a simple concept, it is interesting to note that Nice Rack is the only expandable rack system on the market.

      This means the Modular Surfboard Rack is the solution for storing your boards indoors and out. Whether you want to store your board in the garage, or display it proudly in your room, or even outside, this modular rack should be your go-to.

      The Quad Rack holding four boards is not the limit - you can stack as many Nice Rack Modular Racks together as the height of your wall will alllow.

      When you're ready to store and protect your quiver in a truly functional and expandable set-up, Nice Rack Modular Wall Racks are the way to go!

      Technical Information

      • each wall mount is 8.0 inches (20.3cm) long so you'll need 32 inches (81.2cm) of wall space to install the 4 set of racks, plus at least 8 to 10 inches (20.3cm - 25.4cm) above the top set of racks to allow enough space to place a board on the top rack.
      • when wall mounts are snapped together there is 7.5 inches (19cm) of space between the arms.

      • supporting arms are16 inches (40.6cm) long and angle up at 22%.
      • each wall rack weighs 0.6kg

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