Sharkbanz Zeppelin - Worlds First Shark Deterrent Tackle NZ

Utilising Sharkbanz patented magnetic technology, Sharkbanz Fishing tackle overwhelms a shark’s electroreception, creating a highly unpleasant sensation that can stop the ocean’s Taxman in his tracks – protecting your catch, gear, and good time on the water.

Sharkbanz tackle is researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, and does NOT harm sharks and does NOT repel other fish.

Zeppelin is proven to reduce the number of fish lost to sharks while targeting bottom dwelling fish species. The compact design minimizes drag, can be used to replace the sinker on your rig, and has the unique benefit of an effective shark deterrent field, whether you're fighting Bulls, Bronze Whalers, Sandbars, or any other greedy Taxman.


  • EFFECTIVE - Sharkbanz Fishing is proven to reduce the number of fish lost to sharks while targeting bottom-dwelling fish species. View our research below.
  • SIMPLE - Our magnetic technology requires no batteries or charging. Always On.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 6.5 Oz. / 185 G
  • For best results: Attach the Zeppelin so the device will sit 18-36" inches (45-90 cm) from the tail of the target fish species. See below for more Rigging info.
  • Depth Rating: Effective at any Depth
  • TSA and Airline Travel-Friendly
  • Constructed with Biodegradable Environmentally-Friendly PLA Materials


Sharkbanz Fishing combines proven science with performance-driven design. At an ideal weight of 6.5 oz, the Zeppelin is perfectly suited to replace your sinker but can also be rigged for a variety of bottom fishing applications. The product can effectively deter sharks at any depth.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Attach the Zeppelin so the device will sit 18-36" inches (45-90 cm) from the tail of the target fish species.

In research trials conducted in Exmouth Australia, Zeppelin exhibited an 84% reduction in hooked fish lost to sharks, compared to local daily depredation (sharked) averages. In addition, a new study from the Australian Government (DPIRD, 2021) proves the effectiveness of Sharkbanz Fishing at reducing shark depredation and enabling fishermen to land more fish.

Every Fisherman Knows the Feeling...
the thrill of the hook-up, the intensity of the fight, and then … an unexpected surge of power … dead weight on the line, and scraps left on the hook. Another payment to the Taxman. For years, captains shared these stories of loss with us, requesting a solution and offering their ideas. Our Sharkbanz Fishing products are engineered to enhance your outcome and time on the water.

Everyone needs a skilled accountant to shield them from the jaws of the Taxman. Take back the joy of fishing with the Zeppelin.


Captain Billy Delph
Key West & Dry Tortugas, FL, Delph Fishing
"At first I was a huge skeptic, but after a lot of testing I figured out how to implement it most effectively, and I can honestly say it works very well in most sharky conditions. Definitely a must have in your saltwater arsenal."

Captain Chris Mendola
Key West, FL, Far Out Fishing
"The Zeppelin definitely helps open up some new areas and helps avoid losing trophy fish. It could be a fish or two that makes a charter, and I think with this device it helps make it possible."

Captain Terry Maxwell
Exmouth, Australia, Charter Fishing Captain
"We typically use these big heavy sinkers, but the sharks will eat them on the way down and [those sinkers] rifle. We started using the Sharkbanz Fishing products, which don’t rifle, and we’ve noticed a far better recovery of the fish. We’re definitely noticing a difference. To give an example, where I might lose 16 fish to sharks and bring home 14 fish. With [Sharkbanz], we’re probably only losing 3 fish to sharks and getting our bag limits much earlier."


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