NZ 100% Natural Sunscreen SPF50 Kawakawa & Tamanu Natural Sun Block 100mls or 150g

Earth's Kitchen 100% Natural SPF50 Sunscreen is the world's first BioGro's NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50+

Using natural ingredients from New Zealand feels wonderful on your skin, and is also reef safe. 

NO genetically modified or irradiated ingredients
NO parabens
NO sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
NO artificial fragrances
NO petrochemicals
NO titanium dioxide
NO nasties!

Incorporating powerful natural ingredients and recipes, Earth’s Kitchen is based on the concept of Botanical Intelligence. Modern day skincare can include a host of synthetic ingredients that are neither good for our bodies or our earth. Instead, we have created a new range of wild-crafted skincare products that hero the efficacy and potency of natural ingredients. Fusing indigenous ingredients and methods with the latest technology, we are proud to present a range of skincare that contains nothing synthetic or unnecessary, just naturally effective ingredients that deliver great results and feel great to use.


  • Kawakawa & Tamanu SPF50+ 2 sizes to choose from: 100mls [travel size] or 150g [value size]
  • concentrated sunscreen (tiny bit goes a l-o-n-g way!)
  • 2 hours water resistance - tested on surfers in New Zealand sun and proven to be highly effective, even with continuous face wiping whilst surfing
  • concentrated the formula - one tube outlasts your usual sunscreen x3
  • tested to highest global standards and surpassed SPF50. Latest Lab results came in at SPF65.8 and SPF63.8 after 2 hours water immersion.  AS/NZS 2604:2012 standard


The world’s 1st BioGro's NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50

That’s a big deal! Our sun protection is the world’s 1st BioGro (Natrue) certified natural sunscreen SPF50 and carries the Certified Natural label, authorised by Natrue. This means you can feel comfortable knowing you're purchasing a true, completely natural cosmetic product that meets global certification standards, not a greenwashed one.

Additional nourishing ingredients are also included such as Tamanu – an enriching, powerful “miracle oil” that is traditionally used for all kinds of skin issues like rashes, acne, echzema, dermatitis, wrinkles and skin blemishes. Kawakawa otherwise known as the ‘King of Medicine” is antibacterial, antifungal, tonifying, calming, nutritive, smoothing and smells amazing.

We’ve spent the past 18 years perfecting our formulas to ensure we provide the highest quality natural sunscreen that both protects and nourishes your skin. We wear the badge of natural certification proudly and in turn, proudly share what we’ve created at Earth’s Kitchen, with you.


I’m an avid surfer and currently use the white zinc – would this be effective out there for surfers?

Yes! We are delighted to say that we have been doing a social experiment a number of years on surfers in Mangawhai Heads and along golden coastlines throughout New Zealand. The resounding feedback is that our sunblock is better than anything they have ever used before! Not only does it give perfect protective coverage whilst out there crushin it, it doesn’t sting the eyes, it’s invisible, it doesn’t leave grease spots on gear and it smells amazing! Like a body perfume that keeps on giving. Although they continuously wiping their faces whilst surfing, a lot of them are staying out for hours before re applying and not getting the slightest bit pink.


Is it reef safe?

Yes! A lot of people are asking “Does it have oxybenzone in it” which is so great. This means that people are already educated to the FACT that oxybenzone, found in chemical sunscreens, is directly killing our global coral reefs. Yes, as we pour over those beautiful creatures and stunning coloured corals, we are delivering the very poison that kills them. In fact one drop of oxybenzone, in 6.5 olympic sized swimming pools, kills coral. Hawaii has passed a bill banning chemical sunscreens, as has Mexico and many others are following suit. Our coral is dying at such a phenomenal rate and all happening in the last 30-40 years since we are dumping chemical sunscreen by the tonnage on them – 46,000 tonnes per year to be more precise.

We are turning this around by creating Earth’s Kitchen sunblock that is perfectly natural and can deliver the medicine rather than the poison, to our reefs. On our bodies, we can deliver the love and regenerate our coral reefs before it’s too late!



How often should I apply sunscreen?

Natural or mineral sunscreens are effective from the moment they’re applied to the skin, unlike chemical sunscreens, which require at least 20 minutes to become effective. This doesn’t mean you should set and forget though. We recommend reapplying our sunscreen every 2 hours during sun exposure and immediately after swimming, sweating excessively or rubbing against surfaces that may disrupt your sunscreen barrier (like wiping yourself with a towel).

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