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SUP TRIPLE Storage Rack NZ - 3 Stand Up Paddle Board Wall Rack -  'Rough Cut' Wooden Base (economy version) - by Surf Dogz

*these are the economy "rough n ready" version of the racks which are rough cut second grade timber with routed edges. they are fully assembled and ready for finishing to your taste.....

  • wall storage for 3 Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • 61cm (24“) padded steel pegs with plastic end caps
  • 51cm (20”) mounting base is "rough cut" douglas fir second grade (see our other listing for deluxe high gloss finish)
  • pegs are 3/4″ diameter galvanized steel tube (no PVC sprinkler pipe or wooden dowels here!)
  • spaced at 10″ on center (tilted up 10 degrees)
  • fully assembled with mounting hardware and instructions (1/4” hex head lag screws – not just wood screws)
  • weight 6kg (13lb)
  • hand crafted in Huntington Beach, USA 
  • Ships FREE from New Zealand!



      High strength, low cost racks with the same strength and design excellence as the deluxe racks, for practical, safe SUP storage.  

      Surfdogz 'rough n ready' racks are designed to maximize practical board storage where the primary concerns are reliability and strength at a budget price.  Surfdogz 'rough n ready' however, does not mean any compromise in strength.  Each rack is designed to meet their thirty-wide/thirty-pound SUP criteria. (this triple rack can easily handle over 90 pounds of SUPs!)

      For those who prefer a fine, furniture-finished rack to accent your board collection, check out the Deluxe version here



      Each type of Surfdogz wall rack (Surfboard and SUP) is load tested with fifty pounds (22.5kg) of down force, on a single peg, twelve inches out from the base. This is the equivalent of a one hundred pound (45kg) surfboard at rest on the rack set. In all tests, deflection of the rack peg was insignificant with no permanent deformation or damage to the peg/base connection point. We don’t recommend trying this on any other brand of rack!



      Q: How strong are Surfdogz Racks?
      A: Our racks, both wood and HDPE base, are designed to support even the heaviest long boards and paddleboards. They match or surpass even the expensive metal racks on the market, and our racks will not rust or corrode.

      Q: Which is better, Surfdogz wood or polyethylene base?
      A: Strength wise, they are comparable. Poplar has a warm oak stain finish, where HDPE (black) has a sleek, modern look, and has the advantage of being weather-proof. (HDPE racks are supplied with hot-dip galvanized fasteners, which will resist corrosion and rust for many years)

      Q: How far apart should the racks be spaced?
      A: We recommend skipping one wall stud (usually spaced at 16”) so that the racks end up 32” apart. This is just right for long or short boards.

      Q: Why are there so many mounting screws on the HDPE racks?
      A: In tests, the HDPE rack pegs tended to sag slightly under heavy load. The rack was not damaged, and returned to its original position when the load was removed.
      By positioning a mounting bolt just above each peg this problem has been completely eliminated.

      Q: What is HDPE?
      A: High Density Polyethylene is a recycled thermo-plastic material made from reprocessed polyethylene containers, such as milk bottles. It is an extremely strong and heavy structural material that is impervious to moisture. It contains no organic fillers, like wood chips, as do cheaper “plastic lumber” materials. California uses HDPE to construct picnic benches at state beaches and parks.



      As a family business with roots in the Huntington Beach, California surfing culture (reaching back to before World War II), Surfdogz have filled a niche in the board sports market for strong, reliable, and reasonably priced surfboard wall racks for over ten years. Four years ago they expanded their line to include SUP wall racks. Of course each rack is hand crafted in their own California shop. 


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