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Sticky Johnson surfboard grip - NZ's premiere surfboard tail pad uses premium quality EVA foam and 3M adhesive. Super grippy diamond square cut means unreal traction.

Once you try 'em you’ll be stuck on 'em.....get on board!

  • 3M adhesive backing NZ surfboard grip
  • 23mm kick tail
  • 7mm arch bar
  • sloped tail kick
  • diamond square cut for super grip
  • premium quality EVA foam 
  • 2 piece or 3 piece



SLIT 3 piece colourways in order top left to bottom right: blue black, green black, grey black, marble black, marble blue black, black, black blue, black green, black grey


curve surfboard tail padcurve surfboard tail gripcurve surfboard deck grip

JELLYTIP 2 piece colourways in order left to right: orange, green, blue


curve surfboard grip starcurve deck grip starsticky johnson tail pad starcurve tail pad star

STICKY STAR 3 piece colourways in order left to right: blue, green, orange, grey





curve surfboard grip

 ILLUMINATOR 3 piece colorways in order left to right: orange, blue


 curve surfboard traction pad

BIG BOI BLACK for retro wide tail boards in 3 piece


JAWS 3 piece colourways left to right black, white, blue


Protect your board and increase traction by applying deck grip as follows

  • Make sure your board is 100% clean and dry from any wax, debris or moisture. Hint: use a Curve Power Wax Scraper to easily remove the bulk of your wax. Remove all remaining wax residue with an old rag, or rub in some fiberglass dust (ask your local shaper) or even better Sticky Johnson Wax Remover
  • Position rear edge of surfboard grip over back base of your rear fin – getting close to but not overlapping leash plug. For wider boards you may want to spread the grip side bars out (taking care not to overlap rails) and for narrower boards leave as a solid pad.
  • Pencil an outline of desired traction pad position.
  • Line up centre surfboard grip with centre surfboard stringer and apply slowly from bottom up, avoiding air bubbles.
  • Line up surf grip side bars equally and apply. Leave the traction pad for at least 12 hours to fully dry.
  • Your new grip is ready to rip!
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