Surfboard Wall Rack - Minimalist

Single Surfboard Wall Rack Minimalist NZ


The Naked Surfboard rack takes the minimalist approach when it comes to storing and displaying your board. The idea behind the Naked Surfboard rack is that your board is a work of art, so the rack shouldn't distract from its beauty. We like to say that the Naked Surf is "barely there" which means it covers as little of your board as possible while still securely holding your board in place. If you're looking for a lightweight, affordable, and non-intrusive way to show off your favorite board then the Naked Surf is an excellent option. 

While aesthetically minimalistic, the Naked Surf does not sacrifice structural integrity. The Naked Surf rack arms are made from a single piece of Aluminum that have been custom cut and bent. Each rack arm has two pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount up to two screws in a single stud. The combination of all-Aluminum construction with the 2-screw mounting pattern makes the Naked Surf incredibly sturdy for its size and appropriate for shortboard or longboard use. Lining the inside of each rack arm is a thick piece of felt. This felt provides a soft place to rest your board and prevents any long term pressure point distortion on your board. 

Even though the rack is mostly hidden when displaying your board, we have still gone the extra mile to make what little that does show look awesome. 

Looking for the same minimalist design to store and display a SUP? Check out the Naked SUP Rack!

Have a board with a lot of rocker (maybe a performance longboard)? Consider that this rack extends 6.5" from the wall, meaning your surfboard could be forced to rest nearly vertical up and down to fit, or you may have to optimize how far apart the rack arms are mounted. For a rack with a similar design and look, but that extends further from the wall and easily accommodates more rocker, check out the Naked SUP Rack.



  • 100% Aluminum - sturdy and never rusts!
  • Minimalist design shows off board and not rack
  • Soft felt padding to protect your board's rails
  • Strong enough to hold shortboards or longboards
  • Wood screws and drywall anchors included
  • Supports boards up to 30lb (13.5kg)
  • Made in the USA!

Product Dimensions

  • 6.5" long
  • 3" along wall
  • 2.5" wide
  • 1.25" lip
  • 3/16" mounting holes
  • Aluminum construction

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