Surfboard Wall Racks - Double / Triple by Cor Surf - New Zealand

These super versatile display racks by Cor feature a unique design which allows you to present surfboards in several different ways for 2 or 3 longboard or shortboard surfboards.

Choose between Storage or Display, or both!

If its just plain storage you are after then lie 3 boards flat. 

If you prefer to feature a board on display (eg a nice shape or spray to show off) there are indentations on the end of each arm which also allow you to display one or two boards in an upright position - showing off the full base or deck of your board!

32 degree angle takes weight off the ends, maximising weight distribution for safe storage of up to 3 heavy longboards.  

Choose between two beautiful wooden construction options - either dark-stained Rubber Wood, or blonde Bamboo - both of which are eco friendly and harvested sustainably.

A 3mm protective rubber strip lines each rack for cushioning to protect against dings or scratches.

Made in USA

Ships FREE from New Zealand!



  • can be used for Longboards, Surfboards, Snowboards, Wakeboards, Skis and more!!
  • guaranteed not to splinter, rot, or corrode.
  • choose between Rubberwood (Brunette) or Bamboo (Blonde) construction 


Display Options

  • store up to 3 longboards / shortboards in standard flat position
  • store two boards flat, and display a third board upright on the top rack
  • display 2 boards, remove the center arm, and display both boards upright
  • each rack arm features the upright display indentation



  • arms approximately 12" (31cm) at an angle of 32 degrees  
  • rack approximately 18" (46cm) tall


What is Rubberwood?

  • Rubberwood is a hardwood from the maple family of woods 
  • Rubberwood has very little tendancy to warp or crack 
  • Rubberwood is sustainable and eco friendly!

Rubberwood is one of the most misunderstood species of wood in the furniture industry. The name rubberwood invokes a variety of misconceptions as to it's features and to it's durability. Rubberwood (also called Parawood in Thailand) is the standard common name for the timber of Hevea brasiliensis.

In fact, rubberwood is one of the more durable lumbers used in the manufacturing of today's home furnishings. As a member of the maple family, rubberwood has a dense grain character that is easily controlled in the kiln drying process. Rubberwood has very little shrinkage making it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture manufacturing.

Like maple, rubberwood is a sap producing species. In the case of maple, it is sap; in the case of rubberwood, it is latex. Rubberwood produces all the latex used in the world for all rubber based products.

There is one more important feature of rubberwood that is very important in today's world. Rubberwood is the most ecologically "friendly" lumber used in today's furniture industry. After the economic life of the rubber tree, which is generally 26-30 years, the latex yields become extremely low and the planters then fell the rubber trees and plant new ones. So, unlike other woods that are cut down for the sole purpose of producing furniture, rubberwood is used only after it completes it's latex producing cycle and dies. This wood is therefore eco-friendly in the sense that we are now using what was going as waste.

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